Historic Denver Nightlife – The Moonlight Ranch & Mike Rossi

Tom Lundin

Reckless historian, award winning photographer, illustrator and archivist with a passion for sharing Colorado history.

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7 Responses

  1. George Wittusen says:

    I am Mary Rossi son.
    Do you have more on Mike Rossi Jr. and Margret Rossi?
    Would like to hear from you.

    • Vicky Shields says:

      Hi George, I am Bill Schiestel’s daughter Vicky. We too are trying to get more details on Mike Rossi jr and my Grandma Margaret. We have been lucky enough to speak with the author Of these articles, Tom Lundin. He is kindly working to get more information.
      Sincerely, Vicky

  2. Kim says:

    I am the granddaughter of Mary Rossi… I am wondering what happened to Michael Rossi Jr. my grandmother never spoke of him.

    • Vicky Shields says:

      Hi Kim, it is all such a mystery. This is Margaret’s granddaughter Vicky. We too were very surprised to hear that both our grandma’s and Aunt Erma had a brother Mike jr. , we also did not know that my grandma was adopted. The writer, Tom Lundin and his wife are working to find out more.
      I hope we are able to fill in the blanks.
      Take care, Vicky

  3. Vicky Shields says:

    This story is particularly interesting for myself and my family. I am Margaret Rossi’s granddaughter. Until the time of her passing my dad was in the dark about his grandparents. My grandma never wanted to talk or share anything about her past. My dad recently started doing some research at the local library and the librarian lead him to this and the part 2 of your work. We would very much love the opportunity to speak to you. So many things came as a surprise to us. My Aunt, Margaret’s daughter, did know her grandmother was murdered by her grandfather, my Grandma gave very limited details to her. My Aunt just told my dad recently, which is what started him on the journey to find out about his family. I hope to hear from you, it would be greatly appreciated.

  4. MC Malthus says:

    Howdy Mike,

    We’ve met through Gregory EGO Daurer. Anyway, I loved that article. I’ll bet that my paternal grandmother knew these people. My family is from Denver. I’d love to know a little history about a place called the East Denver Inn. My grandmother ran that place, probably after prohibition. Those are the family stories. I’m not sure whether she owned it or not, however. I can also remember that the last time I saw her working was at a place called the Eagle’s Nest on about 26th and Federal. She always worked in a bar and due to age and health had to quit working around 1969 or 70. Cheers…..MC Malthus.

  5. Larry Higgins says:

    Fantastic ! Great story, man this must have taken a lot of research! Thanks! If you go farther into this mob , gambling and nightclubs around the Denver area check out” Smiling ” Charlie Stevens . The Blakeland County club . The Jorden brothers and Wolhurst Supper Club both in Littleton . I’m sure there are great stories ,connected too these clubs ! This was GREAT ! Well written ! Thanks

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