The Cooper, Theatre of Tomorrow

Shannon Stanbro

A Colorado native with an affinity for modernist architecture and desire to share and preserve Metro Denver's history.

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  1. John Fuentes says:

    Just a point of clarification: One of the architects Richard Crowther had join his firm in 1961 was Gary Landin, not Landis. Gary went on to be a founding partner of the firm named Intergroup Architects, where I worked with Gary from 1988 to 2000.

  2. richard burton says:

    It was an amazing, awesome place!!!! Saw lots of great movies there!!!

  3. Florence says:

    I saw “Grand Prix” when I was young (74 now) and have over the years told people that the experience was unbelievable. Have not seen any thing since that compares.

  4. Joel Genung says:

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank you for this wonderful story. In 1999, I traveled to Denver to visit with two of three last three surviving Cinerama projectionists who ran the features at the Cooper Denver. Their fascinating story can be viewed at

  5. Kent Cherne says:

    My father, Howard Cherne, was the owner of Berglund-Cherne company, the general contractor. What memories this story brings back, I remember dad taking me to the jobsite as a 5 year old kid, fascinated with the strips that made up the screen, going up the stairs to the balcony before the railing was installed, hugging the wall so I wouldn’t fall. We saw so many of the movies shown there, a very sad day when it came down. B-C also built an ne in Minneapolis.

  6. Graham says:

    Thank you so much for this in-depth article! The Cooper was one of my favorite theaters, and I’ve always been on the lookout for photos of it. Your collection is amazing.

  7. Paula Busey says:

    This is GORGEOUS! Great work Shannon and Tom!!!


    Hello again the theater looking for CINEMA CHEERY CREEK open in late sixties it was a 1800 single GENERAL CINEMA OFF FIRST ST. MY OFFICE WAS THERE CAN NOT FIND ANY PHOTOS YET AT THE TIME CINEMA CHEERY CREEK, CENTURY 21, and the CONTINENTAL were all second to the COPPER


    WOW that this is wonderful I was in theaters for forty years till health ended that started as an usher at .90 an hour at CINEMA SHOPPERS WORLD FRAMINGHAM, MA. end of nine teen years was division manager of all G.C.C. theaters in CO. N.M. AZ. and north TX. later COO at MANN THEATERS DO YOU WOULD LIKE HAVE A PHOTO OF THE ORIGINAL CINEMA CRERRY CREEK DENVER CO. do you have any ideas

  10. William Kucharski says:

    So very grateful I had the opportunity to see Ben Hur here not too long before they closed.

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